Tuesday, June 30, 2020

New On relatico: Signatures, Folder Tagging, Bulk Folder Sharing (CW26 & 27/ 2020)

New Features
  • Add signature when sending emails to business partners
  • Customize you checklist view by Hiding or Showing columns
  • Bulk share folders with your business partners to save time and maximize efficiency
  • Bulk add tags to folders and files in your account to better organize your space

Improvements and fixes
  • Now you can see number of files and folders in your data lists and folder views 
  • Checklist item connections are now shown in the file lists so that you can keep track of which files belong to which checklist items
  • Interface fixed on calendar for scheduling emails (now you can see the date picker much easier)
  • Breadcrumbs view has been fixed for better readability