Friday, July 23, 2021

The relatico Add-In for MS Outlook has arrived!

You receive many files in your Outlook e-mail inbox, although you requested these out of relatico?

Your team mates that do not work that much in relatico, forward you a lot of e-mails with files to process in relatico?

From now on, you and your colleagues can work with relatico directly in your MS Outlook account without leaving it:

  • Save all file attachments directly to the right folder in relatico and
    • set tags,
    • set expiry dates and
    • assign files to checklists
      directly in Outlook.
  • Also, add attachments to your e-mails directly from relatico and send to your business partners from Outlook.
Read more about our relatico for MS Outlook add-in on this page.

Find out about the pricing for the Add-In.

If you want to give the add-in a try:
Check our quick setup guide for installation.

If you would like to get a demo, please reach out to sales here.

Simplify your relatico work and save a lot of time with this new relatico add-in.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Which software is compliant with ISO 13485 (Medical devices)?

The standard ISO 13485 in his latest version from 2016, ISO 13485:2016 defines the standards that companies working in the medtech area need to comply with.

The following is based on information provided by Dr Oliver Eidel in a blog post about the topic (see below for a link). Consider this post to be an abstract and go to Dr Eidels blog for more information.

When it comes to buying and managing software and IT, here is what you need to know in a quick runthrough (as many prospects and customers have been asking us):
  • It is defined here: Section 4.1.6 of ISO 13485:2016
  • You are asked to do a very commonsensical thing:
    Validate the software that you are using related to Quality Management activities, making sure that activities are proportionate to risks taken.
In a nutshell, the validation process looks like this:
You need three documents:
  • A list of computer software in which you keep track of all software you’re using at your company. [...]
  • A template for a validation plan which you’ll need to fill out for every software on that list. [...]
  • A template for a validation report which you’ll also fill out for every software on that list, unless you determine that you don’t need to test it. [...]

List of computer software: That's easy.

Validation Plan: This is a list with dates where you performed software validations

Validation Report: Kind of a report stating what you exactly did to validate the software you're using. Dr Eidel suggests the following criteria are described:

  • Software Identification
  • Intended Use
  • QM Relevance
  • Risk Analysis
  • Requirements
  • Validation Procedure (Test approach/ procedure)

Once you are doing this for every software used, you are safe.

Thanks to Dr Oliver Eidel who laid it all out in a beautiful an simple way here:

PS: Of course, relatico can be used in a MedTech or ISO 13485 environment.
Please contact us to find out more.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Important information on deleting and keeping your files in relatico

As you probably know, at relatico we calculate your monthly or annual invoice based on the number of files in your account. (Here is the link to our relatico account pricing...)

How do we count the files in your account?

All files that you can see in the relatico interface are counted.


Files shared with you. You can find these in "Shared with me".
These files do not count.

You can always see the number of files in your relatico account in your account settings:

What about deleted files?

Files that you delete end up in the relatico-"Recycle bin" that is the "Deleted" menu, just like on your computer. There they can be permanently deleted or restored.

Why do we count these deleted files?

This part of relatico is also software that we developed and need to maintain. We have set it up so that deleted files do not simply disappear, since then there would be no recovery option. Therefore this menu with its functions is an important part of relatico.


If there are still many files in "Deleted" in your relatico account, please go to the menu and decide for yourself what should be done with the files there. You can choose to restore or delete folders and files there - individually or all at once.

Before you permanently delete:

The archive function is also part of relatico.
Before you permanently delete data from your relatico account, bear in mind that many standards require that you keep data that is no longer up-to-date for a longer period because of traceability.

If you are certified according to IFS Food, for example, this is a period of 7 years to our knowledge. Please consult your QM managers or consultants, or read the guidelines of the standard that applies to you to find out exactly what to retain.

Feel free to contact our team if you have any questions or feedback on this topic.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Table headers optimized for scrolling

Hi to all friends of relatico!

Our table headers are now fixed. So they will stay in place when you are scrolling through your relatico data. Watch the mini-video below to see how it looks.

Friday, January 15, 2021

File communication: Our new relatico Add-On is here

If you want to
  • communicate with your team about files in your relatico account
  • communicate with business partners outside of relatico about files
directly out of your relatico account

and so that your communication is stored directly with your files:

Then the relatico add-on file communication is for you!

Watch this short video to see how it works.

If you are interested, please e-mail to our Customer Success Team at

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Desktop App is finally here!

Now you can easily upload files directly from your desktop in a few easy clicks into your relatico account. 

The desktop app also provides you with the ability to keep track of account status to stay on top of what is missing and/or completed in your account. 

Minimize your setup time by working directly from your desktop with relatico Windows Desktop App.

To download the Desktop App: head over to Desktop App download page. 

To learn more about how to use the desktop app: please visit our Knowledge Base. 

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Communication is new!

Communication is new
We added a brand new menu item “Communication”. 
Here, you can work with incoming and outgoing messages in a new way.

(This is a new feature addition to relatico, so you will still find everything else where it was before.
Communication timelines are still present for each contact in the two tabs that you are used to.)

Why did we do this
We did this because you told us you wanted to do more with messages:
  • See to who you sent messages
  • See to who you did not sent messages
  • See when you sent messages
  • See who did and who didn’t reply
  • Resend messages to those who didn’t
  • Bulk edit messages
  • And much more

To enable these and other requests you told us about sending and receiving messages on relatico,
we had to think of a new way how messaging needed to work.

We worked on this a lot, did a lot of research and testing and understood that we needed to provide
you with an interface that would allow you to work with incoming and outgoing relatico messages
similar to web email.

Here’s whats new

You can easily access the new messages place under the Communication sidebar item. 

Here you will see all of the:
  • sent and received emails
  • attachments 
  • automated and scheduled emails
  • deleted emails 

We will notify you when you receive responses from your business partners so that you can easily
keep track of all of your most important files and conversations. 

The new Communications menu is the first step towards how messages on relatico should work.
It is the first release of our Communications roadmap. We will tell you more about this roadmap shortly.