Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Desktop App is finally here!

Now you can easily upload files directly from your desktop in a few easy clicks into your relatico account. 

The desktop app also provides you with the ability to keep track of account status to stay on top of what is missing and/or completed in your account. 

Minimize your setup time by working directly from your desktop with relatico Windows Desktop App.

To download the Desktop App: head over to Desktop App download page. 

To learn more about how to use the desktop app: please visit our Knowledge Base. 

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Communication is new!

Communication is new
We added a brand new menu item “Communication”. 
Here, you can work with incoming and outgoing messages in a new way.

(This is a new feature addition to relatico, so you will still find everything else where it was before.
Communication timelines are still present for each contact in the two tabs that you are used to.)

Why did we do this
We did this because you told us you wanted to do more with messages:
  • See to who you sent messages
  • See to who you did not sent messages
  • See when you sent messages
  • See who did and who didn’t reply
  • Resend messages to those who didn’t
  • Bulk edit messages
  • And much more

To enable these and other requests you told us about sending and receiving messages on relatico,
we had to think of a new way how messaging needed to work.

We worked on this a lot, did a lot of research and testing and understood that we needed to provide
you with an interface that would allow you to work with incoming and outgoing relatico messages
similar to web email.

Here’s whats new

You can easily access the new messages place under the Communication sidebar item. 

Here you will see all of the:
  • sent and received emails
  • attachments 
  • automated and scheduled emails
  • deleted emails 

We will notify you when you receive responses from your business partners so that you can easily
keep track of all of your most important files and conversations. 

The new Communications menu is the first step towards how messages on relatico should work.
It is the first release of our Communications roadmap. We will tell you more about this roadmap shortly.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

New on relatico: Enhancements for your contacts/ Dashboard enhancements/ Mass subscribing to folders

Hi relatico!

We added some new features, here they are:

For Your Contacts:

After your contact 
  • has received a checklist, 
  • uploaded files via upload page, 
  • and registered for relatico, 

those files will now immediately appear in their account.

Once your contact registered via the upload page after uploading files, they will receive an email that will tell them more about what relatico is and how they can benefit from using. Also, this email will them about some starting points in relatico.

Also, for those who registered via the upload page, the dashboard is now focusing on explaining how "Shared With Me" works.

For You:

  1. We added a customizable dashboard. You can now decide for yourself which dashboard elements you want to see or hide.
  2. We added bulk subscribing to folders, so now you can subscribe to a whole list of folders by selecting them
  3. We added bulk extracting text from your documents to make the content of your files available in the relatico full text search much faster. There is going to be a special post about this relatico add-on soon.

If you have feedback about any of these changes, please let us know at support@relatico.com 

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

New On relatico: Signatures, Folder Tagging, Bulk Folder Sharing (CW26 & 27/ 2020)

New Features
  • Add signature when sending emails to business partners
  • Customize you checklist view by Hiding or Showing columns
  • Bulk share folders with your business partners to save time and maximize efficiency
  • Bulk add tags to folders and files in your account to better organize your space

Improvements and fixes
  • Now you can see number of files and folders in your data lists and folder views 
  • Checklist item connections are now shown in the file lists so that you can keep track of which files belong to which checklist items
  • Interface fixed on calendar for scheduling emails (now you can see the date picker much easier)
  • Breadcrumbs view has been fixed for better readability

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

relatico Change Log Week 25/2020

New Features
  • Schedule email delivery for a future date when sending messages on relatico
  • Search for messages in the general search to find conversations that you are looking for faster than ever
  • Send emails with Bcc and Subject to your business partners

Improvements and fixes
  • Checklist elements (Document Types and Products) are now clickable from file view
  • Formatting issues on the folder breadcrumbs have been fixed for better experience
  • Checklist status column has been added to contact folder list, creating a more transparent view of contact completeness
  • Message delivery status has been improved in the communication tab per contact

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

relatico Change Log Week 24/2020

New Features

Improvements and fixes

  • Connected contacts can be clicked in folder paths
  • Connected contacts are now displayed next to folder names in tables and selects
  • When you move a file/copy a file to another folder, you can now easier access the target folder - we improved the typeahead search
  • We changed the behavior of notifications in relatico:
    • When you are not subscribed to a folder and create a new version you won't receive notifications any longer
  • We fixed text formatting fixed for long file names when requesting a new version of a file
  • We fixed a bug that prevented you from logging out properly.

relatico Change Log Week 23/ 2020

We did some clean-up

  • Password protection on public pages was fixed
  • Onboarding has been updated - so that you can bypass the initial screen once one of the items has been checked off). The 3 checklist items will then show up under the Help icon.
  • Some changes on the organization Logo feature to make it more user-friendly
  • Fixed: When I create two folders for a contact in a row, the second one is not created
  • Translation issues for Product and Doc Type rename fixed