Friday, July 23, 2021

The relatico Add-In for MS Outlook has arrived!

You receive many files in your Outlook e-mail inbox, although you requested these out of relatico?

Your team mates that do not work that much in relatico, forward you a lot of e-mails with files to process in relatico?

From now on, you and your colleagues can work with relatico directly in your MS Outlook account without leaving it:

  • Save all file attachments directly to the right folder in relatico and
    • set tags,
    • set expiry dates and
    • assign files to checklists
      directly in Outlook.
  • Also, add attachments to your e-mails directly from relatico and send to your business partners from Outlook.
Read more about our relatico for MS Outlook add-in on this page.

Find out about the pricing for the Add-In.

If you want to give the add-in a try:
Check our quick setup guide for installation.

If you would like to get a demo, please reach out to sales here.

Simplify your relatico work and save a lot of time with this new relatico add-in.