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Important information on deleting and keeping your files in relatico

As you probably know, at relatico we calculate your monthly or annual invoice based on the number of files in your account. (Here is the link to our relatico account pricing...)

How do we count the files in your account?

All files that you can see in the relatico interface are counted.


Files shared with you. You can find these in "Shared with me".
These files do not count.

You can always see the number of files in your relatico account in your account settings:

What about deleted files?

Files that you delete end up in the relatico-"Recycle bin" that is the "Deleted" menu, just like on your computer. There they can be permanently deleted or restored.

Why do we count these deleted files?

This part of relatico is also software that we developed and need to maintain. We have set it up so that deleted files do not simply disappear, since then there would be no recovery option. Therefore this menu with its functions is an important part of relatico.


If there are still many files in "Deleted" in your relatico account, please go to the menu and decide for yourself what should be done with the files there. You can choose to restore or delete folders and files there - individually or all at once.

Before you permanently delete:

The archive function is also part of relatico.
Before you permanently delete data from your relatico account, bear in mind that many standards require that you keep data that is no longer up-to-date for a longer period because of traceability.

If you are certified according to IFS Food, for example, this is a period of 7 years to our knowledge. Please consult your QM managers or consultants, or read the guidelines of the standard that applies to you to find out exactly what to retain.

Feel free to contact our team if you have any questions or feedback on this topic.

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