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Communication is new!

Communication is new
We added a brand new menu item “Communication”. 
Here, you can work with incoming and outgoing messages in a new way.

(This is a new feature addition to relatico, so you will still find everything else where it was before.
Communication timelines are still present for each contact in the two tabs that you are used to.)

Why did we do this
We did this because you told us you wanted to do more with messages:
  • See to who you sent messages
  • See to who you did not sent messages
  • See when you sent messages
  • See who did and who didn’t reply
  • Resend messages to those who didn’t
  • Bulk edit messages
  • And much more

To enable these and other requests you told us about sending and receiving messages on relatico,
we had to think of a new way how messaging needed to work.

We worked on this a lot, did a lot of research and testing and understood that we needed to provide
you with an interface that would allow you to work with incoming and outgoing relatico messages
similar to web email.

Here’s whats new

You can easily access the new messages place under the Communication sidebar item. 

Here you will see all of the:
  • sent and received emails
  • attachments 
  • automated and scheduled emails
  • deleted emails 

We will notify you when you receive responses from your business partners so that you can easily
keep track of all of your most important files and conversations. 

The new Communications menu is the first step towards how messages on relatico should work.
It is the first release of our Communications roadmap. We will tell you more about this roadmap shortly.

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